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a three-part plan

It starts with an assessment and conversation to diagnose your needs as related to Technology, Leadership, and Business Model

Your Current Reality

Your Current Reality

We identify your current pain points and potential solutions. We do not contain our scope to just technology, as we feel that technology is just a tool to be used. We are actually more concerned with the pain points across your business operations and leadership needs. We want to talk about your products and how you go to market. This is, by definition, backwards looking and reactive as you already are experiencing the pain.

From Here to There

From Here to There

In addition to looking at current problems we want to identify future needs. This is about being proactive. Maybe you are planning on growth through acquisition. Maybe your exit plan is to be acquired for maximum value. Maybe your value proposition requires you to be cutting edge and operating more effectively or maybe providing a better customer experience. (Competing for the best staff, maybe your staff members are a "customer" segment.)

Your Ideal State

From Here to There

A road-map. Plain and simple. OK, another conversation, too. The road-map you get will provide you with information you need to decide how you want to proceed and even what is important to you. One thing that we find is that organizations think they want to go in one direction, but really have other sometime contradictory needs. When confronted with the need to make a decision, often times hidden assumptions, values, needs, and wants come to the top of the conversation.

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We consider our firm to be the fulcrum by which you achieve business leverage. Digital transformation is what is often discussed, but the real need is business transformation. The technology itself is just a tool, and what it does and how it does it is just a mechanical process. We consider ourselves coaches for your business and so our focus is the technology, but the business.

True leverage comes from identifying how to maximize the tool in more effective or even new ways to create efficiencies that others cannot easily replicate. (Just because you have figured out how to do something and it is well documented as to how you do it, does not mean it will be effectively replicated by others.)

Identifying and maximizing leverage is our fundamental approach to business transformation (remember, we consider digital transformation to be nothing more than business transformation). We achieve this through our expertise in both business and technology.Our foundational belief is to drive effective execution through maturity of process; and our strategic relationships are all focused on driving that effective execution. Strategy is great, and we excel in strategic advisory, but effective execution is what drives success.

To achieve this we work backwards from the desired outcomes to ensure that all activities are necessary. Defining outcomes are also critical to ensuring that all stakeholders have the same understanding. Once the desired outcomes are defined, a roadmap can be developed to move the organization from the current state to the future state. This 3-phase process is the essence of everything that we do.The best practices that we follow are there to help us achieve that roadmap--often that means providing you with those best practices to help you get there yourself.

Our principal, Roy Pellicano, has published a book of practical strategies and tactics by which a business can drive revenue growth. He is a technologist, but his book is about the fundamentals of marketing and sales; and, that is the essence of Tri-Angular Consulting: using unique insights to challenge assumptions and develop changed perspectives. He is a business coach and advisor to other business owners.